Posts Azure Dedicated Host - Azure Advent Calendar 2019

Azure Dedicated Host - Azure Advent Calendar 2019

Azure Advent Calendar

Today we are going to talk about the Azure Dedicated Host. This blog post is a little bit different because the main piece of content is the video I made for the Azure Advent Calendar.

Azure Dedicated Host is a new service offering in Microsoft Azure that was originally introduced in August 2019 as a Public Preview, and it is generally available since December 2019. It provides a single-tenant physical server to host your Azure virtual machines for Windows and Linux. The server capacity is not shared with other customers. As a result, you can run general-purpose, memory-intensive or compute-intensive workloads in a hardware-isolated and virtualized server environment dedicated to your organization. With Azure Dedicated Host, you can address specific compliance requirements while increasing visibility and control over your underlying infrastructure.

If you are interested to learn more about it, find out the price comparison with Azure VM and see it in action, here is the video I made:

If you are not familiar with Azure Advent Calendar, check out the website with the list of content and links to authors and their blog posts, and definitely check YouTube channel where you can find the videos.

When I heard about the Azure Advent Calendar, all the spots were already taken and the schedule was full. Then I saw a Tweet saying that there might be an open spot.

I really wanted to be part of it, but that meant breaking out of the comfort zone and creating a public video. I had a lot of excuses not to do it - no guarantee that video will be accepted, a busy work schedule at the end of the year, no proper technical equipment, no quiet time with the small child running around the house, etc. But with the support of my wife, I took the chance and I did it. To my surprise, the video was accepted and posted the next day! Now I had to break the ice and share it, which meant that video will be seen by people I know.

Looking back at it now, I am really glad that I did it. I took the chance and that enabled me to be part of the great community and to represent the Idea I liked and wanted to support. I also learned new things, met new people and gained new followers. The video got more than 100 views in the first couple of hours and feedback was positive.

A blog post was required with the video. I could have created a LinkedIn article or something similar. But I created this entire blog instead ;-)

Don’t be afraid to step out of the comfort zone and take the risks.

Back to the Azure Advent Calendar, I am excited about all the great content that is being published daily.

Big thanks to Gregor and Richard for this initiative and for the opportunity to be part of this event.

Happy learning and happy holidays.


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