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Azure Is Fun

Hello and welcome.

I had to start the blog somehow, so here is a little reasoning why I decided to do it.

As the year 2019 comes to an end, I looked back in my OneNote and started to realize how much I learned about Azure so far. I spent many nights and weekends learning and chalenging myself to complete small and large Azure projects and tasks. And that was great. But having all that knowledge sitting there in locked OneNote and not sharing it with anyone is not that great.

But having a blog is a commitment, and before I decided to do it I needed some impuls, something that will convince me and make me always find the time between my busy work and family schedule. And that impuls came, just like that, perfectly timed. I was given a chance to be part of the community event and I decided to take the shot. More about that in THIS blog post.

What can you, reader, expect from this blog?

As you correctly figured out, it’s going to be mostly about Microsoft Azure. I might also write about other topics, such as PowerShell, DevOps practices, GitHub, Hybrid and on-premises infrastructures, certifications.

I personally find it more exciting to find my own way to complete the task and learn from my mistakes, than reading step-by-step guide written by someone else, and avoiding all mistakes. Guides are useful, and this blog will also contain guides, but I will do my best to reflect all the mistakes I did on the way and describe why it didn’t work. I will also write about exciting Azure news and often compare Azure services with other cloud providers. I love Azure, but some things don’t work, and I will write about that as well.

What do I expect from you, reader?

Read it if you like it. Give me the honest and constructive feedback if you can. If you wish to copy/re-use the content somewhere, please ask or at least notify me.

What do I expect from this blog to do for me?

I hope that commitment to write something will also mean commitment to learn new things and it will motivate me to dig deeply in techonologies/features to fully understand it. I also hope that this blog will give me some credibility and make my work visible.

I would like to believe that his blog will eventually help me demonstrate how much Azure really is fun, and help me spread my enthusiasm, passion and excitement on all things technical.

Thank you for sticking around.


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