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New project:

Hello Azure Family,

I would like to present my new project,

The basic idea behind the project was to create something to help people learn about Azure and interact with each other.

If you work with Azure and use social media, you must have realized that there is a fantastic community around it. People are excited to learn new things and to share their knowledge. This is a completely different situation from what it was with the OLD Microsoft. This vibe around Azure is great and I wanted to contribute to it and do something new.

In the time of the worldwide pandemic, what is a better way to bring people together while learning about Azure than playing the games? And that is how the idea was born.

The first “game” on the site is a quiz. The purpose of it is to let people test their knowledge while supporting and learning more about the community event Azure Bit and the player go together on a quest to complete the big Azure spring clean. Each page of the quiz is dedicated to one article from the AzureSpringClean and all answers to questions are in that article. Links to articles are provided in the hints, and the player can always go there and check it out to find the answer. This way players can learn about Azure and also about the authors of the articles. There is a surprise at the end :)

Because quizzes aren’t the most entertaining games, I already started preparing something different, and it is going to be really fun - I promise!

What’s next? The plan is to continue making those little games and quizzes for upcoming community events and support the authors. I would also like to share this platform with anyone who wants to create their own Azure related game.

I am opened to any suggestions, bug reports and ideas.

Stay safe and don’t stop having fun :)


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