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Ask Me Anything: Azure Server Migrations

FestiveTechCalendar - Azure Server Migrations

On day 9 of this year’s Festive Tech Calendar, Sarah Lean (Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft) and I held a live Ask Me Anything session about Azure Server Migrations.

Here are the questions that we collected from the community. Thanks everyone for participating and submitting these questions. If you are interested in our answers, check out the video below.

  • I used Azure Migration Assessment to estimate the cost of using Azure for 17 VMs instead of having two ESXi servers in our datacenter. Assessment calculated prices for VMs and storage. What else should I add on top of that to get realistic price? Thank you

  • Can I use PowerShell to automate migration? Can I combine Azure Server Migration Tool and Azure Data Box?

  • Question about Azure Migrate Dependency Analysis feature. Is this agentless? How many vms can I run this on?

  • When to use Lift and Shift migration, and when to use something else? “Lift and shift” or “Move and improve”? What other options od we have?

  • What is your recommendation in using Reserved Instances in cases we have VMs that we don’t know how long we will use before replacing with PaaS or decommissioning?

  • Can Azure Migrate tool be used to help migrate applications to containers and AKS? Can Azure Migrate help with databases too?

  • What are you thoughts on the sizing recommendations that Azure Migrate providers. How accurate are they and what would be the longer term scenario for a customer to right size the migrate Virtual Machine?

  • In our company we have 8 node VMware vSphere cluster v6.0 with vCenter. Do we need to migrate to VMware? What are the benefits of using VMware in Azure vs IaaS and vice versa.

  • Can we use the Recovery Services Vault which gets created by Azure Migrate for Disaster Recovery scenarios or is that a bad idea?

  • We are now starting to think about Azure migration, so this session is perfectly timed. I have two questions for you, and answers will be highly appreciated. What is the easiest way to migrate monolit apps to Azure and how to factor in dependencies? What is the easiest way to determine the correct tier to meet our IOPS requirements?

  • We have .NET application running in IIS on-premises. We are looking into moving it to Azure as a stand-alone application. What are our options?

  • We have a small environment that we plan to move to Azure. I think that we have migration process figured out, but since we are all learning Azure now, we don’t know what to expect once we are there. What would you say it’s the biggest difference between supporting and operating services in on-premises and in Azure (apart from the obvious absence of the hardware)?

  • Are you able to tell us anything about the roadmap for Mover and how will Microsoft’s acquisition impact that service?

  • I found Azure Migration Service offered in Microsoft Azure Marketplace by some company that is not Microsoft. How does that work? Where can i find reviews about that service?

  • Let’s assume someone is moving from on-prem to Azure. Currently VM’s are the way to go for them which means they will use Azure Migrate. They have a Site to Site VPN on prem to multiple branch offices. What would your migration scenario look like? Will you migrate VPN first, create a 2nd one if possible? What would the migration of the VM’s look like? Would you recommend a “big bang” migration where everything goes at once or a phased migration? Curious on your thoughts (smile)

  • When we did our migrations back in the day, we used Azure Site Recovery for it. How is Azure Migration different from that?

  • We run the IT for a small city, and as such we are offering different services that are completely separated. We started using Office365 few years ago and we are creating separate tenants for each service. We are now starting to use Azure and we realized that it might be better to use one tenant. What is your recommendation? Should we continue to separate in tenants, or join them together? We are interested in Pros and Cons. We are one central IT team. Thank you

  • I tried using Azure Server Migration, but there was an outage and I feel like there was also a small data loss during the migration process. How can I achieve the shortest outage or no-outage, and how to make sure that data is not lost?

  • In what situation/scenario you wouldn’t recommend migration of VM or Application to Azure? And then if you ever had to migrate back to on-premises because something didn’t work as expected in Azure?

In this video, we answer these question, and one more :)

Day 9 - Ask Me Anything - Azure Migration re-watch with Vukašin Terzić and Sarah Lean

Big thanks to Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper for this initiative and for the opportunity to be part of the event. Make sure you check the for new surprise content for every day of December, and their YouTube Channel where the most of the videos are located.

Happy learning and happy holidays.


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